Aircraft Coating

For Aircraft with Enduring Brilliance: Effect Pigments from Merck

Effect pigments from Merck create a broad range of styling options to manufacturers of aerospace paints and coatings. They combine unique color intensity with excellent weathering durability, retaining that first-day brilliance.

Stunning designs ranging from classical to modern
Effect pigments from Merck enable developers of customized, high-prestige and high-quality coatings and paints for the aerospace industry to satisfy the desire for traditional color schemes. Effect pigments give aircraft their classical metallic appearance in shades of silver and white. Gold-colored pigments and other pigments providing special effects are used primarily for airline inscriptions and logos. Using effect pigments from Merck, developers can also create individual stylings and set new trends, whether they are based on a silky or crystalline appearance or on a sophisticated multi-color effect.

Effect pigments for individuality, elegance and exclusivity
Aircraft paints and coatings containing effect pigments from Merck underline the corporate identity of the airline and thus also its individuality. The depth and radiance of these products give a special dimension to airline liveries. In aircraft interiors, too, effect pigments from Merck are frequently used to add a high-quality appearance to surfaces. They attract attention and enhance the travel experience of the airline’s passengers. Color and effect styling emphasize the aircraft as a high-value asset. They communicate high technical standards and are associated with the safety of the aircraft. Designers of airliners and private craft value effect pigments from Merck as they embody special elegance and exclusivity.

For enduringly brilliant aircraft
Environmental conditions pose a major challenge to aircraft paints and coatings. With their additional surface treatment, Merck’s proprietary range of weatherproof and UV-resistant pigments can deliver what the modern automotive industry needs: lasting brilliance and high color fidelity.

The perfect pigment for the desired effect
Our pigment experts will gladly help you choose the right pigment product to achieve the effect you desire. For the pigment experts at Merck, technical implementation is critical. We offer you our support with all aspects of paint and coating technology. Our global presence means you receive the best possible support.