Dispersiyon Boyalar İçin Efekt Pigmentleri

Özellikle materyallerin değerinin altını çizen ve/veya artıran gümüş-beyaz ve altın inci cilası pigmentleri gibi efekt pigmentleri iç ve dış cephe dizaynında giderek artan bir rol oynamaktadır. Merck’in efekt pigmentleri örneğin sıva yaldızlama ve ön cephe elemanlarının yaratıcı dizaynının yanı sıra doku yaratmak gibi dekoratif duvar dizaynı için dispersiyon boyalarında kullanım için uygundur.

Eye-Catching Individuality: Effect Pigments for Dispersion Paints

An exclusive and appealing approach makes all the difference when it comes to interior decor and the design of building façades. Dispersion paints with effect pigments from Merck are supporting the trend towards individually modeled aesthetics. With the accent on silver and gold as well as distinctive color travel and sparkle effects, decorators seek a competitive edge. People are able to express their individuality in the way they decorate their homes and pearlescent pigments give office reception areas a feeling of distinctiveness. For the future, there is a growing trend towards the use of the unique color travel effects of Colorstream® and the outstanding sparkle of Miraval®.

Owing to their excellent weather resistance, Merck’s eco-friendly pearlescent pigments are ideal for exterior use and provide individual applications or entire façades a distinct appearance that will last for years.

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Bi-Flair® İç Cephe Tipi
Colorstream® Dış Cephe Tipi
Colorstream® İç Cephe Tipi
Iriodin® Dış Cephe Tipi
Iriodin® İç Cephe Tipi
Miraval® İç Cephe Tipi
Pyrisma® Dış Cephe Tipi
Xirallic® Dış Cephe Tipi