Otomotiv Onarım Kaplamaları İçin Efekt Pigmentler

For Durable, High-Quality Automotive Repair Coatings: Effect Pigments from Merck

The principal characteristics of high-quality automotive repair coatings include their ability to retain their color and permanent good looks. Even tiny deviations in color can cause a repair coating to be less than satisfactory. Merck’s weather treated effect pigments ensure long-term color fidelity and quality as well as maximum reproducibility.

Dependability and continuity
A market presence stretching back over 50 years is indicative of the considerable experience gained by our pigment experts and is reassuring to customers. When it comes to dependability: as the trendsetter in tomorrow’s stylings, Merck’s aim is to provide continuity. Any necessary adjustments to our product portfolio are undertaken in close cooperation with our customers. Trust that you can rely on us.

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