1919 yılında FERRO ENAMELING COMPANY adı ile kurulmuştur ve porselen emaye için frit üretimi ile başlamıştır.
  • 1939 yılında porselen emaye için Kompleks İnorganik Pigment üretimine başlamıştır.
  • 1919-1948 yılında seramik ve plastik için de Kompleks İnorganik Pigment üretimi başlamıştır.1951 yılında firmanın adı FERRO CORPORATION olmuştur. Merkezi Ohio (USA)’dadır.
  • FERRO’nun Avrupa, Kuzey Amerika, Asya ve Latin Amerika’da fabrikaları bulunmaktadır.Avrupa: Colditz, Almanya, Kuzey Amerika: Washington PA, USA Asya: Suzhou, Çin, Latin Amerika: Amerikana, Brezilya.
  • FERRO, 26 ülkede çalışmakta ve 100 ülkede müşterileri bulunmaktadır.2015 yılında 100 yıllık bir firm olan NUBIOLA Inorganik Pigment firmasını satın alarak, İnorganik Pigment ürün gamını büyük ölçüde genişletmiştir.
  • Son olarak Belçika’lı Organik pigment üreticisi Cappella firmasını alarak Organik Pigment işinede girmişlerdir.
  • Böylece Ferro, Dünyanın önemli bir pigment üreticisi olarak markette yerini almıştı ve ürün yelpazesini genişleterek devam etmektedir.


An announcement is revolutionizing the world of colors: Ferro Pigments Family is Growing. Nubiola, Ferro & now Cappelle have joined forces.

Now their staunchest ally, Ferro Pigments, is stronger than ever, and colors are proudly telling the world how Ferro has strengthened its leadership in the market.

Now colors are talking about new horizons. With a united team that shares their passions and their dreams.

Ferro is a leading global functional coatings and color solutions provider. Our products and technologies add value to the products of thousands of manufacturers around the world, and enhance the lives of millions of consumers. Our expertise in color and glass science, particle engineering, formulation and surface application technology allow us to develop materials that meet the most demanding requirements in a wide range of applications.

As a leading innovator, Ferro has pioneered numerous technologies in the ceramics, electronics, glass and pigments markets. Some of our innovative product lines include inks for digital printing decoration of ceramic tiles; metal powders and pastes used in consumer electronics, medical/health care and military applications; environmentally-friendly organic coatings for glass decoration; infrared-reflective pigments used in building materials; and high-purity materials used to surface polish plastic lenses, auto surfaces, semiconductor chips, and other substrates.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Ferro has nearly 5,000 associates and operates facilities in 26 countries in the Americas, Europe, and the MENA and Asia-Pacific regions.

We are pursuing profitable growth through acquisition, adding companies in emerging geographic markets, and buying companies whose high-value products complement our own portfolio, technologies and applications. And our global R&D teams are boosting our organic growth through development of products addressing new application areas and that add competitive advantage to our customers’ products.

Please watch our video to learn about Ferro’s collaborative work environment, our diverse culture, and how we help our customers succeed