– Since 1950s, The Leading Supplier for Flame Retardant from China

We, at the Flame Retardant business from 1990s, follow the global market demand based the abundant resources of Chinese bromine, which mined from
Natural Underground Halogen Water, Since started to produce Bromine based Flame Retardant: DBDPO/DECA, then to produce the DBDPE, TBBA,
BDDP, BPS, HBCD, TBPA, BT93W, TBP etc step by step with the support from the customers and partners, and cooperated with the experts/professors
from Chinese famous university.

Brominated Flame Retardants are used in a variety of applications from electronic housings to printed circuit boards and electrical connectors to flexible
and rigid polyurethane(PU) foam. Brominated Flame Retardant provide optimal processing while maintaining outstanding physical properties in a cost
effective manner.

Since 2003, with the development of our group, also in order to meet the customers’ requirement, we started to produce the Phosphorus-based Flame
Retardants: TCPP, TCEP, TDCP, TEP, TIBP etc, till today, we have more and more Phosphorus-based Flame Retardants, and Halogen Free Flame Retardants.

Flame Retardant products, applicable to a wide range of plastics, polymers and polymer alloys. Oceanchem Group Limited offers the most comprehensive
range of phosphorus-based Flame Retardants, fire resistant plasticizers and hydraulic fluids for high demanding applications. Bromine and Phosphorus based
Flame Retardants are considered as the two most efficient FR families and in fact, they constitute approximately 55%(in value) of the total FR usage.

We also supply additional Halogen Free and Inorganic based Flame Retardants such as Melamine Cyanurate(MCA), Ammonium Polyphosphate(APP)
and Intumescent Halogen-Free FR (HFNP Series) , Aluminium Hydroxide(ATH), Magnesium Hydroxide(MDH), Zinc Borate(ZB35), Zinc Stannate(ZS), Zinc
Hydroxy Stannate(ZHS), Antimony Trioxide(ATO) etc.

We, offer the plastics industry the most effective Flame Retardants that help in enhancing consumer safety, while being committed to environmental concerns.
We invite you to make benefit from our wide range of Flame Retardant solutions and contact us for current activities and future developments.

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